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Big Song is an online docu-series about iconic songs from Trinidad and Tobago that continue to have an immeasurable cultural impact both locally and internationally. From Caribbean Pop, Calypso and Rapso to Soca and Chutney music, each episode details the accomplishments and development of incredible career-defining songs - one musician at a time.   

Using interviews, rare footage, unmastered samples, and archival photographs, for example, Big Song will reveal the inspiration and production stories of these incredible songs. The series will incorporate black and white imagery to reinforce historical value but remain balanced with a healthy use of color to match the excitement and upbeat tone of the storytelling.


Season 1

  1. Born to Shine | Carol Addison

  2. Make Love to You | Nadie LaFond

  3. Sweet Soca Song | Robin Imamshah

  4. Only What You Steal | Tony Wilson

  5. Second Fiddle | Ella Andall

  6. I Will Be Your Friend | Mavis John

  7. Take Me With You | Oliver Chapman

  8. Black Mans Prayer | Bert Lynch

  9. After Sunrise | Gene Lawrence

  10. Waiting for Your Love | Charmaine Ford

  11. Can You Love Me | Kalyan

  12. Dream of Me (When You're Lonely) | Mac & Katie Kissoon

Pilot episode #1 "Sweet Soca Song" (Rough Edit)

Robin Imamshah was part of the core group of musicians assembled at KH Studios (Sealots) in the 1970s to develop a distinct Trinidadian sound that could crossover to an international audience.

Pilot episode #2 "Born to Shine"  (Rough Edit)

Carol Addison is the inspiration behind the series 'Big Song' and was part of KH Studios in the 1970s. 

She currently resides in New York where she hosted a concert named after her album Born to Shine at the Jamaica Performing Arts Center in Queens, NY on October 26, 2019. It was the ideal opportunity to capture Addison performing live, telling her story to a new audience.


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